Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Reunions up the wazoo (pt. I)

What better way to start back on my blog than with a Sex Pistols post? Seems that this 'one-off' is growing with each passing week. It's not as though they have never reformed since their heyday. They have gotten back together from time to time. Above is a photo from1996.

Today there was announcement that the band will have tracks in the next installment of Guitar Hero III. In his "from the horse's mouth" interview, Lydon reveals that they actually had a problem locating the original recordings so it gave them an excuse to get back in the studio. I wondered why they re-recorded. Now I know. They also couldn't announce the inclusion of the songs in the video game until this week.

The good thing about the 'Pistols - they admit they're out there to cash in but they aren't robbing the faithful blind. Tickets are under 40 quid (I wonder if the Brits have despicable ticket handling fees....). That's only 12 quid more than Ian Brown tix at the same venue. Wow. Van Halen, are you listening?